I just wanted to post a quick update that I am still here!

These last couple of weeks have just been absolutely crazy between working, events, birthdays, and that whole ‘parents of 2 young kids’ business.

We are still hitting up trails when we have the time, but they are mostly repeats. It is so fun to see how different the trails look after a few weeks.

The other night we went back to the O’Neill Nature Preserve. It was a quick walk as there was a storm looming in the distance. But to see all of the trees in full bloom, and the ground completely covered in greenery was a beautiful sight to see. I was also so pleased to see the addition of benches through out the trail now. It would make for a beautiful reading spot on any of the benches. You know, for those people that have time to sit and relax and open a good book.  But bring mosquito repellent if you go in the evening- we were apparently a delicious family combo!

I also tried a new app I downloaded that marks my tracks. I love it and hope to incorporate onto this blog as well. I am most definitely going to keep blogging about my trails. I am hoping to be super busy hiking as soon as my hubby is off for the summer season (lucky guy!)

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!
Now go outside and take a hike!

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